Handlelife Heavy Basketballs
Handlelife Heavy Basketballs
Handlelife Heavy Basketballs

Handlelife Heavy Basketballs

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Do you want to improve your handles at a faster rate? Whether your a player, coach or trainer we have a little cheat code for you; the Handlelife Heavy Basketball!

A heavy basketball created by Johnny “Dribble2much” Stephene was born in search of a way to challenge his NBA clients and help them see faster results in their game.

Designed to improve:

  • Ball Handling Efficiency
  • Hand Speed
  • Ball Control
  • Playmaking Ability
  • Muscle Memory
The Handlelife Heavyball offers a tacky and pebbled real feel no slip deep channel grip with a true bounce bladder ideal for fine-tuning your every movement on the court.
  • Official NBA Size: 29.5” (size 7)
  • Weight 3lbs (48 oz)
  • Any Surface Durability

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Handlelife Training App you’ll be exposed to the best collection of ball handling drills structured for NBA players. When used with the Handlelife Heavyball you’ll get the results of 45 minutes of work in 10.

With exclusive access to:

  • Daily Handle Drills
  • Heavy Ball Drills
  • Move Tutorials
  • Behind The Scenes: NBA Workouts

Hear what our NBA clients have to say:
“If you get the ability to handle this ball, everything else will come easy” - Anthony Davis

“Opens up your ability on creating different ways to get to the basket” - DeMar DeRozan